We met in Galway - a colourful town in the very middle of the wildly beautiful Irish Atlantic coast. However, the beauty of the place is only a part of its glory. Being a stronghold of Irish traditions, it is also a multicultural melting pot, where people from all over the world meet. The bohemian spirit of the place makes one feel naturally inclined to contribute to the vibrant cultural patchwork by cherishing and sharing traditions brought here from various backgrounds and all corners of the world

Iweta Kulczycka. 

Hers is the gorgeous voice in the lead part of Zoriushka and Vershe.
She's in love with Irish traditional music, Slavic harmonies, and the symbolism of music in different cultures. She's also a humble believer that music opens many doors, to others and to self, and that a good song is a complete universe.

Witek Kulczycki. 

He's a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist with a soft spot for flutes from all over the world. He experiments with his own compositions and inventions, combining various influences garnered over almost 30 years in different music projects combining the realms of the Celtic, Balkan, Slavic, Middle Eastern, and Oriental traditions, and fusion projects encompassing various genres. As you've probably guessed by now, his is the gentle male harmonic accent in Zoriushka and Vershe and he's also responsible for recording all those Irish and Middle-Eastern flutes. Once we start performing live, we will have to clone him multiple times

Eimear Coleman. 

She's a singer, alpaca lover and an absolute master in the pronunciation of Slavic sibilances. She plays piano & viola. Originally from Cork. Moved to Galway for a year back in 2010 after studying music for 4 years. Couldn't leave the Irish west coast behind and still lives in Galway where we were fortunate to catch her in our musical net. She's happiest when roaming in Connemara or having a cuppa in Salthill. Loves exploring music from around the world and has always been drawn to the close harmonies of Slavic folk songs. In Zoriushka and Vershe she is the harmonic glue that holds all our voices together so nicely.


A singer and songwriter. A crazy cat lady and animal lover. Language geek. Pathological plant hoarder. In no particular order. 

Before settling in Ireland she lived in Poland, Czech Republic, and Lithuania, and she often gets confused when asked about her nationality. She was trained as a classical vocalist and plays guitar and piano. Besides writing her own music, she shares the love for folklore from all around the World with other Yargis. She's the brains behind the project- taking care of some of the recordings and then throwing it all in one pot, and spicing it up with a bit of "electronic magic". In Zoriushka and Vershe  she also added high harmony to Iweta's voice.